“I have found my sessions with Fiona to be very helpful in developing my practice.  Fiona’s main quality is that she asks the right questions and listens, enabling her to give appropriate support and advice.  I felt that she really took the time to understood my business properly, which put her in a position to add real value to what I am trying to achieve.”

Partner, City Law Firm


“Things appear or show up for a reason. I met Fiona through a friend. She came to our coaching sessions with elegance and patience and I discovered in her a powerful listener. Even though she was a complete stranger to me, I felt connected from the first day we met. It was a non-judgmental, patient, and empathetic space where I could express, feel understood and validated. I didn’t receive solutions, advice, or answers. Instead there were thought provoking questions. Being understood immediately shifted my perspective. Fiona made me aware that answers and solutions to problems are in my hands.”

Management Assistant/Application Support Desk Analyst – Shell International

“Fiona was recommended to me by a friend at a crossroad moment of my life, when I knew I had to make a choice about my future, but I wasn’t willing to do so. She helped me in structuring and planning – the thought and decision process – in a way which made me feel safe and confident. During that process, she continuously posed challenging and testing questions so that I lead myself to the right answers. Making a decision as a result was easy and I felt confident about it. Fiona guided me in a very professional, calm and friendly manner creating an atmosphere of trust.”

CEO, Sales & Media Company

“I met Fiona Rice when I was at a crossroads in my professional life. Her integrity, intelligence, warmth and immediacy left me feeling safe to explore options, guided without being pushed. Fiona, whilst being practical and no nonsense, supported me in reconnecting with my confidence and helped me to gain clarity and find a way of moving forward.”

Senior Executive Coach

“As a somewhat hardened sceptic, I have historically questioned the benefit of career/life coaching – until the past year or so when my career took a significant unplanned change of direction. My time with Fiona has helped bring order to my thinking about how I ended up where I was, what I could have done differently, what I wanted for the future and how I intended to go about making it happen. Fiona is an eminently practical, supportive and insightful coach who helps you find personal clarity of thought, purpose and direction. I am a convert.”

 Chief Finance & Commercial Director, Retail

"Fiona had a way of making me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed, to enable me to be open about my goals and challenges.  The exercises that we worked through together took me yet further -- moving from a linear storytelling of relevant issues, to seeking to more carefully analyse the myriad relationships both in my professional and personal life and how I might change my approaches to some of them.  I very much appreciated the practical outcomes from the approach that she takes to coaching."

Partner, City Law Firm